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From very diverse musical backgrounds, the six professional singers of the group, ‘Enjoy Gospel’ are gathering together to sing negro spirituals as well as traditional and contemporary gospel. The diversity of the timbers of their voices and musical worlds bring a richness to this group, but also a complementarity in the interpretation of the songs.


Thus, accompanied by musicians, they will take you back decades, proposing to give you a dynamic directory of songs, full of emotions, based on the old “work song” and in the course of the concert, they will also perform more recent tracks written by Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder…


A wonderful evening awaits you, filled with joy, sharing and pleasure as we perform for you the greatest standards with ‘Enjoy Gospel’!



Clara accumulated experiences as a singer as well as a conductor in various musical formations (rhythm ‘n blues, soul, gospel, variety, jazz).

Occurring on stages throughout France, Quebec and the Dominican Republic, Clara developed her vocal technique and enjoyed contact with the public.
She created the group ‘Enjoy Gospel’ in 2006 with Julien Kievitch.
Her crystalline and powerful voice gives height to the harmonization of the group.

Ladisla Gibel-Russo

As a child, she sang in evangelical churches with her brothers and sisters. For many years, she perfected her vocal technique and expanded her musical knowledge at the academy in Annecy. Since 2005 she has shared the stage with the “Grenoble Gospel Singers” then the group “Vibrasoul’s Ground” singing gospel before joining “Not in Game” in Annecy. She draws her musical influences from Negro spirituals, R&B and soul music, as well as from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Ladisla’s affectivity will undoubtedly seduce you and draw you into her unique universe.

Delphine HOCQUET

At first, she started to sing on stage old school R and B songs. Next step was to discover jazz with wonderful professional musicians. Then she went through different Gospel Choirs in her area and in North Carolina, United States, where she stayed for a while. She realized the power of performing with energy, love and sincerity. Back to Europe, she leaded a 40 singers choir in Geneva for 5 years. Since 2006, she becomes lead singer and percussionist. The different bands she met allowed her to experiment improvisation on a very high level and to sing a very large repertoire from jazz to funk, pop, rock and soul music. She increases collaboration with a beat box singer, with another big gospel choir, became musical therapist… With “Enjoy Gospel”, she is back to the king of gospel she loves: where all voices join to sing as one.

Lisa Pizzutoli

Then, in Paris at the « Factory Song », she developed her vocal technique and harmony, as well as directing, writing, and playing the piano…
She then further deepened her technical and artistic knowledge at the heart of the “Conservatory of Annecy”.
An energetic and dynamic singer, Lisa’s charisma and stage presence are a real pleasure for eyes and ears!

Assia Alidra

Assia made her debut in jazz and then into soul music.
She fell into the gospel world seven years ago, an encounter which was inevitable.
Her warm and powerful voice will make you vibrate to the depths of your soul.
« They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul…It is also said that the voice is the mirror of oneself and an offering to the other… »

Jessika Moukouo

Arriving in France in 2002, she discovered gospel music in Grenoble with the “Grenoble Gospel Singers”. She developed her style through the ‘Group of Adlib’, a group in which singers can express themselves through an original and eclectic repertoire.
In 2006, her path lead her to Annecy, where she joined the group ‘Not In Game’, leading her to share the gospel thanks to many encounters.
Her timber and her energy are without question, the testimony of the most fervent gospel singers!



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December 30th 2015

Concert Val D’Isère’s church

December 25th 2015

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December 20th 2015

Concert Les Carroz d’Arâches

December 3th 2015

Concert Ste Bernadette Church – Annecy -20H30

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